My Cruise Hack

Let me start by saying that I love to travel. Another thing I love is drinking good alcohol. Both of these things are great, especially when you combine the two.

I love traveling to sunny places, where you can find good beaches, relaxing atmosphere and good food. Getting to such places, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and not that fun.

I also love drinking good Irish whiskey on a daily basis. Some of my favorite brands are Bushmills, Jameson, and Paddy.

Another thing you should know about me is that I hate flying with airplanes. I have never been on an airplane until I went to Thailand and it will be my last (hopefully). That is why I don’t have many

options when it comes to traveling. My favorite way of traveling is by cruise. Taking a cruise gives you the freedom to do a lot of things but it takes a lot more time.

I wanted to visit Thailand and I went ahead and booked a cruise. The thing is, you are not allowed to bring alcohol on a cruise with the exception of one 750ml bottle of champagne or wine, sealed/unopened. The other option you have is to drink from the cruise bar, but that can be very expensive and I like to drink alone in my room while reading or watching something good.

And here I was trying to figure a way to sneak my good whiskey “friend” on board so we can enjoy good evenings together. I don’t drink much, 50-100ml per evening at a very slow pace is enough, but I do like to enjoy them on a regular basis. I searched the net for ways to sneak alcohol on cruise ships and what caught my attention was the “mouthwash bottle” way.

For the mouthwash way to work you will need the biggest mouthwash bottle you can find – in my case, I found a bottle of 1.5l Listerine antiseptic mouthwash, with a very close color to my whiskey – brown/gold. If I picked a different type of mouthwash with a different color, I would have to use food coloring to make the whiskey look the same as the original liquid in the bottle. I was fortunate to find a mouthwash with a very close color to whiskey. Food coloring doesn’t have a taste and it is safe for use, so even if I had to use that, I would do it without worries. I would just have to find a food color that matches the original mouthwash.

Anyway, the next step was to open the bottle in a way which helped me keep the plastic wrap cover, so I could reseal it later. Then I emptied the bottle and washed it with warm/boiling water to fully clean the mouthwash from inside. After that, I poured 1.5l of Bushmills straight in the mouthwash bottle, put the cap on and carefully resealed it with the plastic wrap I carefully removed in the first step. I was very glad that I was able to do this. Nothing would stay in the way of me and my Irish whiskey.

After I executed my plan flawlessly, I prepared my bags, and proudly put my “mouthwash” with a whiskey taste inside. It was time to leave and let me tell you – everything went smooth as butter. No one from the staff noticed that I have smuggled this good Bush with my baggage. Everyone thought it was the regular brown mouthwash with antiseptic properties. Whiskey is antiseptic, right?!

I could enjoy my cruise fully. I was walking around the ship, during the day and drinking my favorite whiskey in the evening, reading a good book.

Mission accomplished!…